A wine investment platform based on blockchain

Luxembourg, Europe
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Brand Visual Identity

Website Design

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The Client

Vinesia is a platform for investing in fine wines. Vinesia is the junction where the traditional world of wine meets the world of blockchain and NFT's. It's a place where you can indulge your passion for fine wines, expand your collection, or seek investment opportunities, all within a secure, trusted and user-friendly environment.

Wine Investment Platform

The Objective

One of the major objective of redesigning for Vinesia was to set themselves apart from their competitors by creating a premium & high quality brand perception.

Other than the objective was to offer a remarkable user experience with beautiful & magical user interface that would strongly impact the sales & investments from the website.

dont memorise edtech website design by 17seven
The Solution

17Seven took the challenge and started by helping Vinesia build premium visual personality design while bringing the strong transformational shift in Vinesia's brand perceiption. We then moved towards instilling the new visual identity design foundation to create brand new website for their platform to build strong online presence and accelerate their sales & investment over time.

Brand Visual Identity Design

Vinesia is a brand made for personal lifestyle needs. They have vivid list of collection of wines along with the art available on their platform.

The brand visual identity was designed based on carefully chosen brand attributes like — Elegance, Exclusivity and Innovation. The goal of the design was to craft a personality which is a mix of modern, corporate, highend, cultured, intelligent and reliable brand personality that instantly hooks the customer and builds trust.

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Design components & assets

Considering the time constraints we decided to take a Sprint approach to build upon the design direction & assets. The overall impression of the website has to be simple and elegant, at the same time it has to follow the basic design principles to make it absorbable by the viewer.

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Website Design

The new visual identity and website design is attached by a system of easy-to-use guidelines that we developed for Vinesia's marketing team, empowering them to confidently use the brand in their communication to its full effect, without the daily support of an agency.

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From the client

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We create everlasting designs that are highly effective at boosting revenue, increasing brand equity, and improving ROI. Our 30k feet approach uplifts your entire business, not just the marketing department.

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