Signs that your SaaS Website needs Redesign

Your company's website acts as a trusted communication tool available 24/7 for your business. We know that technology, design trends and business trends change rapidly. A website that is user-friendly and well designed drives more traffic and keeps its visitors engaged. But if your website is not living up to your expectations it will affect your business and you might lose potential leads.

When was the last time you redesigned your website? If you can’t answer this question then it is about time you start thinking. Websites should always be evolving to meet the needs of your business and your audience.

So how will you know if your website truly needs a redesign? This article reveals a few obvious signs that will let you know it’s time for a redesign.


What is the purpose of a SaaS Website?

When selling software as a service, a website is a critical piece for attracting new leads and educating them about the software itself. The most common fact about the SaaS product is that they must convince potential leads about their usefulness in solving or improving their problems and showing results. And with the average human attention span shorter than that of a goldfish, you must do this quickly with your SaaS homepage.

That’s why your online presence (website) is the heartbeat of your business. Your website should at the very least always be three things :

  • easy to find
  • easy to navigate and
  • easy on the eyes.

If it’s not, then a website revamp should be at the forefront of your mind.

“A well designed interface can increase conversion rates on your website by 200%.
– By Mike Gualtieri : Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

Why UX/UI is important for the success of your SaaS website?

Great design is the only thing differentiating your software as a service product from the products and services offered by your competitors. Just because your SaaS product is beautiful doesn't mean it's useful. Your UI defines how your product looks and your UX defines how your product works. Both are important, but often SaaS product owners make a fatal mistake by focusing exclusively on the look and feel instead of putting equal emphasis on usability & aesthetics.

Today, a lot of the companies who are working with the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model are aware of the importance of good experience. Imagine this, UX is always behind the stage like the different organs of your body designed to serve different purposes while UI is what you look like, your personality. Both UX and UI play a huge role in your product's success.

7 Obvious signs that you need a website redesign

Check out the following 7 signs why your website may need a revamp.If you see at least 3 or more of these signs on your current SaaS website then a website redesign should be at the forefront of your mind.

1. You don’t communicate your value proposition upfront

Your value proposition simply communicates: What makes your business unique? What do you do better than everyone else? It’s your one-sentence selling point to the visitor that sums up your entire product. Failure to accomplish this quickly, will result in losing the potential users which means revenue.

2. You don’t target the current challenges your users are facing

You must highlight possible challenges users are facing right now in order to trigger an investment mindset before you even show your product. This section works as a reminder for your leads of how ineffectively or painfully they are doing things and why they want to fix it.

3. You don’t use alternate CTA’s to keep users engaged

It's a good UX practice to use an alternate CTA along with the primary CTA which is less committed. Remember, 90% of the leads will not be ready to buy now, you’ll have to give them an alternate CTA to keep them engaged with your brand/website. The purpose of this section is to get our users curious and continue scrolling on the site.

4. You don’t critique their existing way of doing things

Your audience might be doing things manually or might be using spreadsheets. Show them why that’s not the way to do it. Explain with images why the current way is inefficient. The purpose of this section is to make users curious about the features offered on your product and keep them engaged.

5. You don’t highlight the percentage of money they are losing

You should talk about how time is valuable for your leads and how much time is wasted by doing things inefficiently and how much money they are losing. The purpose of this section is to keep your users interested by showing numbers or stats that help build confidence to their decision.

6. You don’t show the benefits of how your product helps

You should help them accomplish what they came to do. Highlight your features, but don’t explain the entire product here, it will be overwhelming. The purpose of this section is to show them how they can use your product to get the results they want in at most 3 to 5 steps.

7. You don’t use Social Proofing

You should show logos of credible companies who are using your product and how they are getting the result they want.The purpose of this section is to let users know that people like them and are already getting results they want from your product.


Now that you’ve gone through all the 7 signs I have mentioned, you might have a better understanding of whether your SaaS website requires a redesign. Remember, having a modern, fresh & intuitive website is the key to online business success.

Redesigning a website is not a small task, there are many steps one must take before beginning to plan a redesign. Firstly, access your website's biggest pain points. Ask yourself what’s missing? It is not necessary that you know the answer but taking the time to evaluate your online presence will get you one step closer to meeting your business goals.

Still unsure if you need to redesign your SaaS website? Let’s start with a Design Audit of your website and see where it stands.

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